FXII Pick & Press

Configuration Options



Single Stack (16”, Tube Feeder
Smart tube feeder with self-contained controls
Automatically ejects empty tubes and loads new full tube.
Accommodates a 16 inch vertical stack of tubes. Has low stack sensor.
End attachment to stage, shuttle forward and locate part for pick-up
End attachment to stage, shuttle forward, rotate, and locate part for pick-up


Single tube feeder
Simple vibratory indexing of parts out of tube.
Components are moved from the tube down a track for pick-up.


Single Stack (10”) Tray Feeder
Single vertical stack of trays (10”)
Motorized Z-axis lift
**Requires (-HV) option to remove empty tray before indexing up.


Triple Stack Tray Feeder
Allows (3) part number trayed components to occupy the same feeder bay space.
Each stack of trays can be 6 inches tall.
Feeder moves trays vertically and presents trays to the pick-up head in the correct sequence for placement.
**Requires (-HV) option to remove empty tray before indexing up.


Single Tray Platform
Simple shelf type platform.
Machine will pick from tray until empty. Once tray is empty, it must be manually removed and replaced with a full tray.


Head vacuum to remove empty trays.


Bowl feeder.
Custom configuration for each application.


Tape & Reel feeders
We typically use Hover-Davis tape feeders.


Feeder Cart
Configured to accept specific feeders.

Pick-up / Press tooling:

Auto Change, Pick-up tool
Includes:   Shunk tool changer, pneumatic gripper, adapter,
                      Hard rock press tool with side plates
                      Gripper fingers to engage part (set of two)


Vacuum Pick-up tool
For picking up SMT type components


Servo gripper tool
Servo gripper will handle picking and inserting a variety of part shapes with the same tool. 
Note: Servo gripper does not apply to parts that require pressing

Product Fixtures:

Pallet/fixture to transport product


Lower press support plate