FXII Pick & Press



Press Force   Avail: 5kN, 10kN, 20kN, 30kN
Machine Footprint (No feeders)   1.5M (L) x 2.5M (D)
Placement work envelope   24" x 36" OR 18" x 20"
Ram Stroke   6 inches
Ram approach Speed (in/sec)   3 in/sec
Ram Press speed - Programable   .001-3 in/sec
X-axis motion    Linear Servo
X-axis True position monitor   Linear Scale
Y-axis motion   Linear Servo
Y-axis True position monitor   Linear Scale
Z-axis, press Ram motion   Ground ball screw
Z-axis, press Ram Drive   Servo
Z-axis True position monitor   Linear Scale
Z-axis Ram force feedback   Load Cell
Q-axis Drive   Servo
X/Y/Z accuracy   .0005 in
X/Y/Z Repeatability   .0001 in
Q-axis accuracy   .048 deg
Q Repeatability   .01 deg
Max. X movement speed   15.5 in/sec
Max. Y movement speed   27.5 in/sec
Max. Z-axis movement speed   3 in/sec
Component Inspection time   1-4 sec + move time
100% of leads inspected   yes
PCB component hole Insp time   1-3 sec + move time
Fiducial Inspection time   .5 sec/fid + move time
Z heigth to PCB check   Laser sensor
Automatic tool change   yes
Look-down vision   .0005" resolution @ 5mp
Look-up vision   .0005" resolution @ 5mp
Standard field of view   1.12" x 1.02"
Number of tool positions   up to 16
Component Reject tray   yes, 54 sqin
Feeder Bays   (1) front, (1) rear
Max. Number feeders per bay   (9) tube feeders +(2) bowl
Conveyor Width   26" x 38"   OR 20" x 22" 
Conveyor Auto width adjust   yes
Power   200-240VAC, 3 Phase, 50A
Air   90PSI, 8 cfm
Avg. Pick / Inspect / press Cycle   30 sec.