FXII Pick & Press

CTI has been a leader in the PCB assembly equipment market since our inception in 1989.

The FXII has heavy duty machine tool construction.  It's primary mounting base is made of solid two inch thick steel and is precision ground.  It's base construction supports it's high precision (placement accuracy:  .0005 inches).

The FXII's X/Y motion is accomplished utilizing high precision linear Servos with linear scales monitoring true position to within .00001".

The rigid Z-axis utilizes a high precision ball screw and rotary servo with linear scale to monitor true position.  A load cell is utilized to monitor force applied in vertical increments of .001".  The user end of the Z-axis has automatic tool changer.

High end look-down and look-up cameras for component inspection.  Resolution = .0005" @ 33 mm x 28mm field of view.  *Higher resolution and larger fields of view optional.

User friendly, windows based software.