About CTI

Founded in 1989.

At CTI, our goal has and always will be to produce the highest quality equipment at the best value.  Since our beginning, CTI's charter has been "customer satisfaction, whatever it takes".  Our organization is committed to this philosophy from top to bottom.  This philosophy to customer driven quality resulted in exponential growth in the late 1990's.

Until the early 2000s, CTI's primary product line consisted of SMT conveyors and custom assembly equipment.  At this time, CTI began to reinvent itself as an equipment supplier to the electronics assembly market.

Our Press division began in 2004.  Our first press system was an automated in-line process.  It consisted of multiple sub-systems to accomplish an in-line press process and was dedicated to one product.  Over the next six years we built several similar systems including manual and semi-automatic systems.

In 2011, we introduced the FXII fully  integrated Pick & Press machine.  The FXII family is capable of handling components utilizing multiple packaging types from the following feeder configurations:  CTI tube feeders, CTI tray feeders, CTI step feeders, 3rd party bowl feeders, 3rd party tape feeders.  The FXII has a full function 4-axis servo head with camera to Pick, Inspect, Place and Press components.  Change over from one product to the next only takes a few minutes.

Today, CTI brands represent the most diverse and respected family of products in the electronics assembly industries across the world.  Backed by unmatched support and a global sales network, CTI products deliver superior quality and long-term value, and meets our customers high quality expectations and contributes to their global competitiveness.

Customers ask us how long can we expect our CTI equipment to last?  It always puts a smile on our face to say, we don't know yet.  The machines we built in 1989 are still running.